Why we love the Fluval 07 series canister filter

Canister filters are famed for their reliable filtration and ability to maintain strong currents, making them a popular choice for those with larger aquariums. With an abundance of brands to choose from, the Fluval canister filter 07 series can rightfully stake a claim to be one of the best on the market. Let’s check it out and decide together whether a Fluval filter would be the right choice for you. 

Mmm, do I need a canister filter?

Fishkeeping should be fun, not a burden. The horror stories you hear about rattling filters, out of control algae, and that constant prang of the next problem just around the corner. These are all issues that can be solved by a solid, reliable filter. I can’t stress their importance enough, and there is no better version than the Canister Filter. 

They are renowned for being quiet, efficient, and adaptable to their chosen environment more so than the standard filter; as well as keeping your tank environment cleaner for longer, what more could you want?

Canister filters are popular for those with show tanks since the filter can be easily concealed, therefore, not detracting from the rest of the aquarium. They are usually placed below the tank in a cupboard.  In the past, there has been some debate on the most suitable sized tank for a canister filter. However, thankfully now, the majority of brands make them for most sizes. Generally speaking, they are more costly than other filters, so for those on a tighter budget, fear not, there are still some brilliant alternatives.

Ok, I’m listening…what should I consider? 

GPH & Tank size

GPH stands for gallons per hour, which is how many times the filter will turn over the water in the tank. The last thing you want is a filter that is too powerful for your tank size; which will result in unpleasantly high flow rates for your fish to live in.

Make sure to check the size of the filter

Canister filters tend to be reasonably large so before purchase, make sure you’re aware of the dimensions and have a place in mind, so you know where to store it. 

The Valves

I’m a massive fan of the overall simplicity of a canister filter. They tend only to have two valves, one for the intake and then one for the outtake. What’s critical to look out for and will save you a load of hassle during tank maintenance are values that can shut off. Allowing you to disconnect the canister without disturbing the tank and need to re-prime the filter after.

Why Fluval?

Fluval has an outstanding reputation in the aquatic world having broken onto the scene way back in 1975. Their breakthrough product was, funnily enough, a filter, the world’s first 3-stage filter. Many would argue Fluval to be the undisputed market leader in creating aquarium products. They have three lines of canister filters, but the one we are going to focus on is the 07 series that comes in 4 sizes. It’s worth noting they still sell the 06 series; however, the 07 is the upgraded 7th generation version of the product. They both cost the same, so we would recommend going for the 07 series due to the Biological improved filtration. 

Specs and features at a glance

ModelFluval 107Fluval 207Fluval 307Fluval 407
Capacity 10-30 US Gal
(40-130 L)
20-45 US Gal
(60-220 L)
40-70 US Gal
(90-330 L)
50-100 US Gal
(150-500 L)
L x W x H
7.5 x 7 x 13.7”
(19 x 18 x 35 cm)
7.5 x 7 x 16.5”
(19 x 18 x 42 cm)
9.5 x 7 x 16.5”
(24 x 18 x 42 cm)
9.5 x 7 x 19.3”
(24 x 18 x 49 cm)
Pump Performance145 US Gal/h
(550 L/h)
206 US Gal/h
(780 L/h)
303 US Gal/h
(1150 L/h)
383 US Gal/h
(1450 L/h)
  • Fluval eTEC (Efficient Technology)
  • Advanced motor performance
  • Rubber feet stabilizers 
  • AquaStop valves 
  • Single action dual Lift-Lock 
  • Instant prime system 
  • EZ-Lift media baskets
  • Vertical pre-filter cartridge 
  • Essential Fluval media included
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe

Fluval eTEC (Efficient Technology)

Thanks in part to Fluvals innovative design and manufacturing methods including the materials employed. They have managed to not only create a powerful pump. But one that has reduced energy consumption and is extremely quiet in operation. The smaller 07 series filters, draw as little energy as a single LED light bulb. 

Advanced motor performance

Depending on the module size the 07 series will generate between 145 – 383 US GPH of constant pumping power.

Rubber feet stabilizers

This helps dampen the vibrations when the filter is in operation as well as giving added protection thanks to the enlargement of the rubber feet stabilizers.  

Aqua-Stop valves 

Fluval have their own patented aqua stop valve which offers game-changing convenience. They do this by creating an air and watertight seal that allows you to disconnect the tubing without breaking the vacuum that keeps air out of the hose. This means you can open the cover of the filter for routine maintenance without the need to re-prime the system.

Single action dual Lift-Lock 

Not only does this securely lock down the cover, but it also allows for a quick release during maintenance. This sturdy function also prevents the lid from rattling, an issue other brands are known to experience. 

Instant prime system 

There is no need to manually siphon the filter – which makes the priming process a whole lot easier. You merely pull the priming handle up and down several times until you hear the water run into the unit. 

EZ-Lift media baskets

Thanks to the handle attached to the media basket, it allows quick access when removing media stacks without needing to empty the canister water. 

Vertical pre-filter cartridge

Fluval cleverly designs the filter in a way to fully optimize all the space available. The pre-filter vertical cartridge, unique to Fluval, is a prime example. This features their new Bio-foam max ripple pattern—creating more area to trap debris and waste helping to prevent premature clogging in the filter. 

The view of the people

It’s fair to say that across the board the 07 series is deemed an all-rounded well-designed filter. Many people commented on the ease of setup, with clear instructions supported by videos on the Fluval website. Some people with 100 gallon+ tanks noted that the ribbed hoses with pre-fitted ends were too short and others with smaller tanks experienced issues with the high flow rate. Several users comment on how easy it is to service the media and foam. For maintenance, it’s recommended to get an aquarium tube cleaning brush to put through the tubes once a month to maintain optimal filtration.


  • Reputable brand 
  • Quiet when running 
  • Easy set up / priming 
  • Great flow 


  • High flow rate 

Mmmm what if Fluval isn’t my cup of tea

If you have got to this point and decided that Fluval isn’t the brand for you, check out our round-up review on best canister filters.

Nearly done! Our final words 

Fluval claim the 07 series to be ‘the world’s best selling canister filter’. This may be a pretty lofty statement, but the 7th generation 07 series is a culmination of over four decades of research and development; honing the performance and design to make the best possible filter. These are facts that are hard to ignore. If you have a 06 series filter that works perfectly fine, I don’t believe the updates are drastic enough to make the purchase. However, those first-timers or ones that are looking for an upgrade; this is without doubt, a great product that will serve you well in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.  

Fluval 107

Fluval 207

Fluval 307

Fluval 407


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