Best 30 gallon fish tanks for beginners

If you’re in a hurry and eager to find out the best 30 gallon fish tank. Then we would recommend the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium.

A good fish tank will improve the aesthetics of your home. However, in my experience, finding the perfect fish tank is not the easiest of tasks. A 30 gallon tank represents the perfect middle ground, we consider a smaller tank to be, anything below 20 gallons and a larger tank to be anything above 50. This review will talk about the benefits of having an aquarium and the considerations to make prior to purchasing one. We will also recommend what we believe to be the best 30 gallon fish tanks available.

4 Surprising benefits of having a fish tank

Owning a pet has its perks. However, most of the benefits we know are those associated with animals such as cats and dogs. One of the most underrated pets that have many surprising benefits are fish. Have you ever wondered why most clinics you visit have fish tanks in them? It’s because fish have some incredible benefits. Thanks to my visits to the dentist as a child where my fascination and love of fish was born; since then, I’ve come to learn what those benefits are. 

1. Helps manage stress, blood pressure and heart rate

Fish tanks have a way of calming you down. If you go to any high-stress space such as hospitals and offices, you will notice that there is probably a fish tank located somewhere in the vicinity. It’s tough to keep your stress levels up when staring at an aquarium. Additionally, they help manage your blood pressure and heart rate. If you are experiencing a stressful situation, look at your fish tank, and feel your heart rate slowly reduce. Your blood pressure will simultaneously drop, as well. According to research, if you stare at an empty tank with just plants in, your heart rate lowered by 3%, and when fish were introduced it went down by 7%.

2. Helps improve sleep quality

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to get a good night’s sleep. Owning a fish tank could get you one step closer to curing your sleep troubles. Watching your tank before going to bed will help calm your mind and body helping you fall asleep. A fish tank in your bedroom can also provide you with some white noise, which is known to be instrumental in aiding sleep.

3. Enhances focus

Watching a fish tank will calm down your body and mind—freeing you from any form of anxiety or stress, giving you the right frame of mind to focus. When you focus more, you boost your levels of creativity. You will even become more productive than before. The visual stimulation is a great way to help you work through, possible stressful situations.

4. Calming effect for children

The calming effects of fish tanks are especially visible in children. They help improve alertness, mood, and reduce any aggressive behavior. Children that struggle with any behavioral issues; getting a fish tank at home could be one way to help alleviate the situation. When they are calm, their concentration is improved, and they will be able to sleep better.  

Best 30 gallon fish tanks for beginners - (needyfish)

What to consider before buying a fish tank

If you are in the market for a 30 gallon fish tank, there are certain factors you should consider, in order to make the right decision. 


Naturally, one of the most important factors that should be considered is cost and your budget of what you are willing to spend on a tank. The costs associated with fish tanks vary depending on the material used, size, and what’s inside. Therefore, plan your budget ahead of time so that you don’t break your bank when you finally make the purchase. 


Although this may seem obvious, it’s important to consider where your fish tank is going to go. When you buy your tank, you should already have in mind where you’re going to place it. This will help avoid any issues like breakages or plumbing leaks. Where you place your tank needs to be sturdy enough to hold the tank’s weight, and somewhere it will stay safe. A 30 gallon tank will weigh approximately 48 lbs empty. With water, it will weigh roughly 350 lbs.

Type of fish you intend to keep

There are different types of fish tanks for different types of fish. For instance, there are fresh-water fish tanks, marine aquariums, brackish fish tanks, and many others. It is up to you to decide what fish you have and the best type of tank for your fish.

needyfish’s favorite 30 gallon fish tanks

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium

Key Features

  • Electrical 24″ light fixture
  • Made of acrylic
  • Features 3-stage filtration system
  • Suitable for salt and freshwater

The overall quality of the tank impressed users. Although being made out of acrylic, users were impressed that it did not bow once full, an issue acrylic tanks can often encounter. Several people experienced issues while feeding, finding the immovable lid to be an inconvenience, resulting in feeding the fish through the hole you fit the lights to. However, overall, users were pleased with their purchase. 


  • Lightweight in nature
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent filtration system


  • Difficulty feeding fish because of acrylic lid

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium

Key Features

  • Submersible pump and adjustable return nozzle
  • Automatic sunrise/sunset function
  • Integrated 24-hour timer

For those on a higher budget, this fish tank would be a great option. The sleek design with the curves on the side is what personally caught my attention. Several users were impressed with the lighting system, where you can program the LED lights to mimic sunrise and sunset. This feature is instrumental in reorienting the senses of the fish, helping them grow. Users commented on how quiet this tank was, thanks in part to the submersible filter that’s included. 


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean and set up
  • The submersible filter runs quietly


  • Only 25 Gallons on display 

R&J Enterprises Fusion Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Key Features

  • Features a 364 GPH Pump and filter sponges
  • All-in-one aquarium
  • Comes with LED light and Bio Balls

Users were very impressed with the overall quality of this tank. The compartment at the back of the tank (where the pump and filtration media are located) features plenty of room for a decent-sized heating unit if you choose to use one. This tank comes with some amazing built-in features that make it stand out from the rest. It is one of the few aquariums in the market that comes with all the kit, including the filter sponges, LED light, Bio Balls, and 364 GPH pump. If you want a full aquarium kit without the hassle of buying anything else, this product could be the one for you. 


  • Plenty of room in back for customization 
  • Comes with a quality filtration system
  • Does not bow when filled 


  • There is no top cover
  • Some users complain about it easily scratching

Aqua Culture 29 Gallon Aquarium

Key features:

  • 29 gallon (113 liters) glass aquarium
  • LED lighting 
  • Tetra internal filter
  • Heater

People loved how spacious this tank was, and there are consistently positive comments on the overall quality of the tank. However, a filter that is higher capacity would need to be purchased. The one provided could either be used for backup or added filtration. Many people commented on how much they liked the tank’s overall lighting, sighting how it can brighten up a room. For the size of the tank, matched with the quality you would be buying, this is excellent value. 


  • Low profile hood 
  • A high-quality, spacious tank 
  • Great value for the size
  • Easy setup 


  • Need to buy a filter
  • Poor quality hood

Our choice 

There are a host of things that will need to be considered before choosing the right tank, and each person’s specific needs are going to differ from the next. However, if the choice were up to me, taking all of the above into consideration, I’d go for the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium. I’m attracted to the sleek design; furthermore, the customizable filtration unit makes it very easy to tailor the tank to meet the needs of the fish you choose to keep. The additional submersible pump it comes with, means that I would not have to worry about the noise either. 

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